CISA 試験関連赤本、CISA 資格練習


NO.1 Which of the following applet intrusion issues poses the GREATEST risk of disruption to an
A. A program that deposits a virus on a client machine
B. Applets opening connections from the client machine
C. Applets recording keystrokes and, therefore, passwords
D. Downloaded code that reads files on a client's hard drive
Answer: B

CISA 段階   

NO.2 An IS auditor was hired to review e-business security. The IS auditor's first task was to examine
each existing e-business application looking for vulnerabilities. What would be the next task?
A. Report the risks to the CIO and CEO immediately
B. Examine e-business application in development
C. Identify threats and likelihood of occurrence
D. Check the budget available for risk management
Answer: C

CISA 技術者   

NO.3 An IS auditor analyzing the audit log of a database management system (DBMS) finds that
some transactions were partially executed as a result of an error, and are not rolled back. Which of
the following transaction processing features has been violated?
A. Consistency
B. Atomicity
C. Isolation
D. Durability
Answer: B

CISA 情報   

NO.4 Which of the following could lead to an unintentional loss of confidentiality? Choose the BEST
A. Lack of employee awareness of a company's information security policy
B. A momentary lapse of reason
C. Lack of security policy enforcement procedures
D. Failure to comply with a company's information security policy
Answer: A

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